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 Dungeon - Single/Multiplayer Team Variant

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PostSubject: Dungeon - Single/Multiplayer Team Variant    Wed Jul 13, 2016 1:16 pm

When playing a dungeon deck, you are pitting your own deck(s) against an automatic, relentless and merciless deck that will test you to your limits, if constructed correctly. You create your own dungeon, so you can make it as easy or as difficult as you like.

Dungeon Deck - Consists of the following:

  • 30-70 Cards
  • No Land, any other type of card is permitted
  • One designated boss creature of your choosing
  • All cards in the deck must share colours with the boss creature
  • Up to 4 copies of each card, excluding the boss (1 copy only)

Your goals:

  • Defeat the dangerous Boss creature that is hiding within the dungeon!
  • Escape the traps, monsters, and dangers that await you.


  • You start the game like any regular game of Magic, with seven cards in hand and a life total of 20
  • The (shuffled) Dungeon Deck belongs to The Boss, who is your opponent throughout the game.
  • The Boss always moves first, and does not attack on the first turn.

The Boss' Gameplay:

  • On the Dungeon’s turn, add the specified amount of Mana to the Boss’s pool. This does NOT empty at the end of the turn.
  • Reveal the top card of the Dungeon Deck, If there is enough mana in the pool to cast this, and there is no restriction, then the card is played. If unable to cast, the card is placed on the bottom of the deck and the next card is drawn until a card is played.
  • The Boss costs nothing to be cast, and any process of milling, drawing, or discarding stops when The Boss appears.
  • The Dungeon has no hand, therefore, whenever a card is to be discarded, take a card from the top of the library and place it into the graveyard. If a card is returned to the Dungeon’s hand, it is shuffled into his library instead.
  • At the beginning of the Combat Phase, the Dungeon activates all possible abilities of all permanents once. If a card has multiple abilities, activate as many as possible, and if choosing between abilities choose at random.
  • When combat begins, all Dungeon creatures are untapped, and attack immediately. Attacking does not cause these creatures to tap, and you assign any damage yourself as indiscriminately as possible.
  • The Dungeon has no life total, therefore any life loss occurs in the form of milling a card from the deck to the graveyard. If The Boss appears during a mill cycle, stop immediately and bring The Boss into play.
  • Whenever the Dungeon needs to make a choice, you make said choice as well as possible.

Defeating the Boss creature:

  • Your ultimate goal is to kill the Boss creature within the Dungeon deck
  • The Boss has a number of Hit Points (see table below)
  • Whenever The Boss creature is killed/destroyed/exiled, It is instead shuffled into the Dungeon Deck and loses a Hit Point. When all hit points are depleted, the Boss is defeated and you win.
  • All Creatures controlled by the Dungeon may be targeted, but The Boss creature may only be attacked if there are no creatures able to block you.

Boss mana and Hit Point chart:
The amount of mana the Dungeon gains each turn, as well as Hit Points for The Boss, are dependent on The Boss’ converted mana cost:

Converted Mana Cost Mana gained per turn Starting hit points:

  • CMC 1 or 2:  6 Mana 5 Hit points
  • CMC 3 or 4:  5 Mana 4 Hit points
  • CMC 5 or 6:  4 Mana 3 Hit Points
  • CMC 7+:      3 Mana 2 Hit Points

Difficulty Modifiers:

  • Level 0 – Standard
  • Level 1 – Legion - The deck summons the first creature from the deck automatically and without cost, before continuing to the standard summon/cast process.
  • Level 2 – Blight - Legion rules, and for each turn that you fail to damage the Dungeon deck, you lose 1 life.
  • Level 3 – Plague - Legion and Blight rules, and each turn the Dungeon summons a 2/2 Zombie token to the battlefield.

Enjoy! It's a tough game but will give you an honest performance review on your latest creation, and if you're playing multiplayer, will encourage the best team work!
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Dungeon - Single/Multiplayer Team Variant
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