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 Standard Etiquette for 2-Player and Multiplayer

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PostSubject: Standard Etiquette for 2-Player and Multiplayer   Tue Jul 12, 2016 4:35 pm

In order to conform with local Friday Night Magic, Social, Competitive and Casual playing groups, the following additional rules should be followed in all standard games:

  • SHUFFLING - ALL deck shuffles should be followed by allowing your opponent to re-cut your deck

  • MULLIGANS - The ‘Vancouver Mulligan’ Protocol will now be the standard ruling. The first mulligan is free, while subsequent mulligans reduce your starting hand size by 1. If you would lose a card by performing a mulligan, you may Scry 1 before said mulligan.

  • ANNOUNCING - You must announce all movements verbally (Land plays, taps, effects, etc)

  • TURN END - At the end of your turn, you must announce that you are done (“Pass turn”, “End turn”, etc)

  • SLEEVES - All decks must be either completely sleeved, or without sleeves, to prevent cheating

  • MISTAKES - If you make a mistake, it is at your opponents discretion to allow a reversal

  • CHANGE OF PLAY - If you do not finish a play, but change your mind that is fine

  • MISSED TRIGGERS - You must activate all effects on time, if an opportunity is missed there is no going back

  • LEGENDARY RULE - Only one instance of a legendary creature or planeswalker may be controlled by a player at any one time. Summoning or casting of a second results in sacrificing one of them.

These rules will keep our standard of play at a high enough level to comfortably participate in local events. As such, this document will likely be updated and changed, please check back periodically.
Last update: 15/07/2016
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Standard Etiquette for 2-Player and Multiplayer
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