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 Millennium Meister's Useful Stores

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Millennium Meister
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PostSubject: Millennium Meister's Useful Stores   Sat Oct 08, 2016 9:53 pm

Hi Guys!!

In here I'll talk about Websites and Stores that I have found and regularly use to buy cards from, just please keep in mind that all the Websites and Stores in this list are useful in my opinion, everybody is entitled to their own opinions.

This list made up of both Online and Physical Stores. The Links and Addresses will be at the end of the review in BOLD.

Troll and Toad - This website is a brilliant website, because it has been known to stock all of the cards that have been made, and they still stock most of them!! They also have an option when they will trade your unwanted cards for money, and then re-sell them. This store's prices are also in some cases much cheaper than other stores like it. The only downsides to using this online store are that it is based in America, and orders can take up to a month to arrive, but don't let that put you off using them! If you have a problem with part of your order with them, their customer service team are very pleasant to deal with. They can be contacted via their Facebook page, or via their "Contact Us" section on their website. This online store also offers cheaper delivery rates if you "spend $20 or more on Singles". Follow this link to the Troll and Toad Website.

Magic Madhouse - This website is a nice one to use because it is all neatly set out, and easy for users to find the different products that they have on their website. there has been a few problems with their dispatch team just recently, but if you contact them about it they respond pretty quickly to try and fix the problem that has occurred. This online store sometime has the older card in stock, but they tend to only stock the newer cards from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's onward, but they also sell repacks that are made up of a set number of random cards from different sets, and like Troll and Toad, they take in other duellists unwanted/unneeded cards that they sell on, in exchange for online store credit. Magic Madhouse is based in the UK. Follow this link to the Magic Madhouse Website.

Chaos Cards - This is another useful Online store. Very much like Troll and Toad, Chaos Cards have been known to stock cards from the very beginning of the game still today! they have been known to be a little more expensive than Troll and Toad with regards to the older cards, but unlike them Chaos Cards are based in the UK and can get get the cards to you sooner than Troll and Toad can. They also stock all the newest releases in the TCG, and like the other two Chaos Cards take in cards for customers to resell in exchange for store credit. Follow this link to the Chaos Cards Website.

All three of these sites also stock Magic: The Gathering cards, and other gaming products including; Binders, Sleeves, Dice Masters, and much more.

Fantasy And Comic Emporium (F.A.C.E.) - This is a wonderful store! The entire Staff and Atmosphere and really welcoming, the first time I went in there was to just collect an order that DunkTheLunk had put in, and I haven't looked back! They sell a range of different games, along with Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic; The Gathering. They also sell different comic books, and other collectibles! F.A.C.E. may be a small store, but for it's size it offers a lot, including
Friday Night Magic, Pre-release events, and monthly Tournaments, and other events. I would very highly recommend F.A.C.E. to anybody who was looking for a great place to go to buy cards. F.A.C.E.s full address is: Fantasy and Comic Emporium, 37 Grove Rd, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 4TY

Dave's Comics - This is another great store, located in the seaside town of Brighton. This one is split over two different premises, and both are jam packed to the brim of comics books, trading cards and other collectables. They sell some various Yu-Gi-Oh! Booster packs and Structure/Starter Decks at the front of one of their stores with the till, they also sell Magic: The Gathering cards too, with a large box of various second hand cards that customers can look through. Dave's Comics addresses are: 5 and 3 Sydney Street, Brighton, BN1 4EN

Like I said, all of listed stores on this list are useful in my opinion, and I'd like to hear what you guys think, so I can try out other stores as well and hopefully add more to this list!

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Millennium Meister's Useful Stores
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