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 Millennium Meister's Useful Apps

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Millennium Meister
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Keeper of the Millennium Puzzle

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PostSubject: Millennium Meister's Useful Apps   Sat Oct 08, 2016 9:46 pm

Hi Guys!

In here, I'll be posting Apps that I've found helpful! Links to the download pages will be at the end of the write ups in Bold. Unfortunately, I can't get access to the iOS App Store to link the respective apps to their download pages...

Duel Deck - This is a very easy, User friendly Life Point Calculator. It has clear buttons for adding on and taking off Life Points, it gives the users the choice of either typing their numbers in, or using preset buttons to input their totals; so they could type "1200" as "1, 2, 0, 0" or "1, 2, 00". Users can also change the names of the players to whatever they want, and this app will remember what was typed in after you close it, so it will be ready for the next time you use it. This app also features a Dice Roll function, and the ability to reset the counters at the end of the game. This app is downloadable on Android, iOS, and Windows. Here are the links for the Google Play Store, and to the Windows Store.

Yugioh LP Calculator - This is an easy Life Point calculator to use. It's a little more complex than Duel Deck is to use, but is completely different in it's own way. Instead of being able to input your number totals in as separate numbers, Yugioh LP Calculator uses preset buttons to take the totals away, so if you wanted to take "1250" off you'd need to press the "1000", "100", "100" and "50" and make sure that the "-" button is active, or else you'll be adding it on!! Like Duel Deck, you can change the player names, and if the app accidentally gets closed, this app when opened again will keep it stored. This App is only available on the Windows Store.

Yu-Gi-Oh's Duel Disk - This app is a brilliant little all rounder. Not only does it have a Life Point Calculator that is set out like Yugioh LP Calculator, but even that has more functions! Included with the LP Calculator, there is both a Dice Roll and Reset functions, and there is the added ability for player to input their own totals to add and take off, and a Coin Toss Function. Along with that, this app has the ability to add your decks to it, track your process with each deck, a section where you can get a value on each card that's been printed, a Resource page that holds: the current Forbidden and Limited lists, a custom one that you can create your own lists, the Turn order detailing what you can do in each phase of a turn, and alternative play styles which details how to do different styles of play including Sealed Structure, and Continuous Draft. There is also a function on this app that allows you to create your own tournaments!! This App is only available on the Windows Store

DuelistCalculator - This app is a small easy to use Life Point Calculator. It has the ability for users to change the players' names, both a Coin Toss and Dice Roll Function, and it allows the users to input their own number totals. As well as all that, this app also gives the users the option of changing their player avatar for anyone of the charcters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Franchise, including Season 0 right up to Arc-V, and Charcters from other popular Manga and Anime Series like Dragonball and others. This app also uses the sound effects from Season 1 of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! Series whenever the Life Point totals have a change made to them. This App is only available on iOS.

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Millennium Meister's Useful Apps
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