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 Battle Zone

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Millennium Meister
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Keeper of the Millennium Puzzle

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PostSubject: Battle Zone   Sat Oct 08, 2016 9:11 pm

Welcome to the Battle Zone!!

This here place is where members gather to battle each other, and gain Battle Points which you can trade in for different prizes!! (Prizes still being discussed by Admins...)

When you battle in the Battle Zone, if you win you'll receive 2 Battle Points, and if you lose you'll receive 1 Battle Point. So win or lose, you'll still be wracking up the Points!

The Points of battles fought can be collected by fighting battles over all the different generations of the Pokémon games!

Battle Zone Rules

To be able to battle here, players must:

  1. Leave their Friend Code(s) in the Friend Code Drop Zone.
  2. PM the Player they wish to battle against and add their Friend Codes if they accept
  3. Send a PM to Millennium Meister or Badd_Direwolf asking them to be put onto the Battle Zone.
  4. After the battle, BOTH players must PM Millennium Meister or Badd_Direwolf the results of the battle, because if the results don't match, Battle Points can't be added!!

Battle Zone Prizes

As mentioned above, You can exchange your Battle Points for lovely amazing Prizes!!!
And as also mentioned above, Admins are having talks about what would be appropriate Prizes... So watch this space!!

But for now  you can exchange:

  • 25 Battle Points for a battle against one of our Moderators.
  • 50 Battle Points for a battle against one of our Admins

To exchange Battle Points for a Prize, you must let either Millennium Meister or Badd_Direwolf know which Prize you'd like to exchange Battle Points for, and they will take them of accordingly.

At the end of every Three Months the Battle Points of every Participant will be reset.

This is the Battle Zone Table for October - December 2016

Member's NameWin TotalLoss TotalPoints Total
Millennium Meister055

"You have wronged the hearts of mine and my classmates... For that, you must play... The Penalty Game!!..." farao
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Battle Zone
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