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A friendly, inviting game group based in Hailsham, East Sussex. Partaking in group discussions in almost any genre, and playing both Magic: The Gathering and YuGiOh
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PostSubject: INITIAL CONSULTATION   Mon Oct 03, 2016 12:46 pm

Now that the group has become more organised, and is beginning the slow journey of growth in our community, it has become a priority to establish some rules for our group, and its members, to follow.
The below text is the initial outline for rules on our group, but is by no means final. Myself and Mark Adams have come up with these only as basic rules, and want to invite everybody here, as well as on the facebook group, to join us in finishing them before setting them in place. To do this, we are allowing up until the 10th of October (Next Monday) for discussions to begin, with a view to posting the rules in a sticky/perma-post on the 11th.
We welcome your views, suggestions, feedback, and support with this important step in building the ABGG community.
These rules are general, and specific etiquette/behavior rules for each game, format, or event will overlap and sometimes overrule them.
1. Maintain your personal hygiene - Keep yourself clean, and without foul smells.
2. Behaviour in public space - Keep bad language, volume, and space consumption to a minimum in public venues.
3. Honesty - Keep your word. If you promise a trade, to do something, see somebody missing a trigger, anything, be honest about it.
4. Attendance - While attendance isn't mandatory at any event, if you state that you will be present, either formally or informally, be there. If you are unable to attend after saying you will, let other players know in advance.
5. Be tolerant of other's views - We won't always share opinions, but it's important to make sure that EVERYBODY can have their say. If you have an issue with something said, speak to the person rather than lashing out in a public manner.
The following rules apply to those wishing to use our Group Chat facilities, Discussion boards, and other similar platforms:
1. Keep discussion in the general area open - If you're having a conversation with a particular person, consider making it private to prevent annoyance via excess notifications.
2. Everybody is free to discuss any subject - While primarily being a gaming group, we all have things from other areas that we want to bring to the table. If you see something you don't like, consider speaking to an admin/moderator, or simply asking the involved person/s to make their conversation private.
3. Consider your wording - Words on a screen do not carry tone or mannerisms when read, so be careful that you don't appear antagonistic in your typing. If your message could be read as insulting, demeaning, forbidding or otherwise unpleasant, consider re-wording before posting.

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