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 DunkTheLunk's Top Picks!

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PostSubject: DunkTheLunk's Top Picks!   Fri Aug 26, 2016 11:13 am

If you're looking for an app to count your life, a store to purchase some more cards, or even a place to upload a deck list and break it down, here's the place! Everything on this list has been personally used/tested by one of our admins!

  • Tapped Out - A website dedicated to building and analysing your decks. Users can create their own profiles, update their decks, and even play a simulated draft match. App available for Android.
  • Gatherer - The Official WoTC database for all cards dating back to Alpha release.
  • Humpheh's Planechase Tool - An independent website which hosts a proxy copy of the Planes cards from Planechase. Doesn't yet support Phenomenon but is still a great way to play.
  • Magic Duels - A great game for Steam (PC), IOS and Xbox One. Emulates the whole MTG process from deck building to matches, and helps players to build a digital collection, as well as their own skills/experience.
  • Magic 2015 - Available on Android, Steam, and Apple IOS. Serves the same function as Magic Duels.
  • Pucatrade - The Internet's premier trading site for Magic: The Gathering. Using a unique points system you can get practically any card on here, and turn your unused spares into much-needed materials!
  • Humpheh's Archenemy Schemer - An independent website which hosts a proxy copy of the Scheme cards for Archenemy.
  • Archenemy Proxy - Currently only for Android, but a very intuitive Archenemy Proxy. More versatile than Humpheh's tool.
  • MTG Judge Core App - A complete and comprehensive, searchable database of all rules for Magic, which can be used offline also. Other apps and links can be found here
  • Trakr - A useful Android app which allows you to add the basics for your decks, opponents and such. This serves to track your overall victories, your losses, how well your decks perform on a game-to-game basis, and even tracks changes you make so you can see what broke or fixed your game! Currently no IOS or other option.
  • Chaos Magic - One of several apps on Android which offers a complete proxy for Chaos magic, complete with dice rolls.

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DunkTheLunk's Top Picks!
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