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 Archenemy - 3+ Player Variant

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PostSubject: Archenemy - 3+ Player Variant    Sat Jul 16, 2016 8:40 pm

Archenemy is a 1 vs all format, with one player designated as the titular Archenemy.

The Archenemy has use of a Scheme Deck, consisting of at least 20 cards (of which there may be no more than 2 copies of each), which helps to balance the odds.

At the beginning of the game, all decks are shuffled (including the scheme deck). The Archenemy begins with 40 life, as does thr player team.

The Archenemy always moves first.

During the Archenemy's turn, in the pre-combat phase, the Archenemy flips the top card of their scheme deck and 'Sets the Scheme in Motion'. This card remains in play until it is abandoned, or until the next Scheme phase.

The goal is simple...beat your opponent and win the game!

Supervillain Rumble...All players have a scheme deck, and play a free-for-all match.
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Archenemy - 3+ Player Variant
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