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 Miscellaneous Variants - Not often played

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PostSubject: Miscellaneous Variants - Not often played   Sat Jul 16, 2016 8:33 pm

Emperor consists of a two-team game, with one player on each team (at least three but an odd number) designated as the Emperor.

The emperor is seated with their team either side of them. Each team member has a reach of 1, they can only attack the enemy player that is seated nearest to them on their side of the emperor. The emperor is only able to attack the enemy emperor, and only once their side is left open by the removal of a teammate.

The goal of the game, is for teammates to remove their chosen enemy, while the emperor provides backup in the form of shifting creatures to their playing field, and supporting them with spells. Following this, the emperor and teammates can attack the enemy emperor!

First emperor to die...loses.


Planechase is simple. You have a planar deck each, or shared between all players. And during each turn a player may roll the Planar die by paying the cost (equal in mana to the number of times you have already rolled the die this turn) and attempt to reach one of two results:

[*]Planes Symbol (1) - Remove a plane from active play, and flip the top card of the planar deck into play.
[*]Chaos Symbol (6) - Activate the Chaos effect on the current plane.

This doesn't alter the aim of the game but instead adds a little extra fun to proceedings.

Chaos Magic
Normal MTG, a free-for-all variant but with the added threat of a Chaos deck.

The Chaos deck consists of 20–30 cards selected by some of the players involved. The player who goes first is designated the Chaos player.

Before that player untaps at the beginning of his or her turn, that player flips a card from the Chaos Deck face up on the table. That card is considered "in effect" until the Chaos player flips a different card after a full series of turns. The active Chaos card isn't in play and can't be affected by spells or abilities. Any player may use any abilities granted by the card, or, if it has a specific effect, each player immediately resolves the effect.

If the Chaos player is eliminated from the game, the next time that player's turn would have started, the mantle of Chaos player is passed to the first player to the left that's still in the game.

Again, simple and fun, but a different way to play.
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Miscellaneous Variants - Not often played
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