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 Ante Duelling - Single/Multiplayer Team Variant

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PostSubject: Ante Duelling - Single/Multiplayer Team Variant   Wed Jul 13, 2016 6:59 pm

This format uses the same ruling and etiquette as the posted standard rulings, which can be found here:

During matches in this Format, players can wager cards from their spares or trading stock. the winners of the match gets to keep all of the wagered cards.

Extra Rules

At the start of each match, both players decide and agree on the number of wagered cards. Minimum wager is One Card, Maximum wager is Four Cards.

Each rarity of card has a different value:

  • Common and Rare cards are worth one One Card
  • Super Rare cards are worth Two Cards
  • Ultra Rare cards are worth Three Cards
  • Secret Rare and other Unstated Rarities are worth Four Cards

To check which Rarity a card is, please check the Rarity Guide that can be found here:
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Ante Duelling - Single/Multiplayer Team Variant
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