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 Duellist Kingdom - Single/Multiplayer Team Variant

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PostSubject: Duellist Kingdom - Single/Multiplayer Team Variant   Wed Jul 13, 2016 6:56 pm

This format uses the same ruling and etiquette as the posted standard rulings, which can be found here:

The only differences between the Standard Format and the Duellist Kingdom Format are:

  • No Xyz, Pendulum, and Synchro cards can be used.
  • None of the cards that are featured after this arc of the Anime can be used.
  • No direct attacks to a Duellist's Life Points.

Each player starts off with four "Star Chips" and must wager at least one chip at the start of each match. The winner of the match get to keep all the wagered Star Chips.

If a player loses all of their Star Chips, they are out but they can watch the other games that are happening and offer advice to other players who are still playing. But they can only give advice to one player per match, and only if that player requests some advice.

Once a player has managed to get ten Star Chips altogether, they then sit out until another three players have ten as well. If playing in a small group, then once a player has won ten Chips, they only have to wait until there is another player with ten Chips.

Once there are four players who have ten Star Chips, they then face off in two one-on-one matches. The winners then face off against each other to determine First and Second place, and the losing players face off to determine Third and Fourth place. Minimal advice can be given by other players during these matches.
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Duellist Kingdom - Single/Multiplayer Team Variant
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